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Nice to meet you, this is sumiretta


Born in 2018 in Tajimi City, Gifu Prefecture

It's just a small little pastry shop.
I don't have a real store yet, and I have a nearby Marche

I am participating in an event.

“I want to bring smiles to children!”

With that feeling in mind, every day is kind to the body

I am making snacks that I want to eat.

sumiretta sweets
I would be happy if I could make as many children as possible smile!

✨ Together

Happiness to eat ✨

Self-introduction Sumire Tanaka

I've loved making sweets since I was a kid, so I chose to work at a pastry shop.

When my daughter was an infant, I found out that she had food allergies, and while I was breastfeeding at that time, I couldn't eat what I liked, and I was at a loss.

I can't eat even if I want to eat I don't sell what I want to eat Even if I sell it, it's expensive, and above all, it's not delicious!

Then ...
Make your own if you don't have one!

Any child can come across sweets that are perfect for him. I want to create a store where everyone can eat the same snacks together!

That is the origin of this shop.

Safe, secure and nutritious Do not put in as much extra as possible

I make snacks that I want to eat every day.

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