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🌟 sumiretta 's delicious commitment 🌟


1. We use carefully selected domestic products that are safe and secure.

I try to make sweets that use as few eggs, dairy products, and wheat as possible, which cause allergens.

★ Main raw materials

Rice flour Hatsushimo from Gifu prefecture

Wheat Dolce, Sirius

Sugar beet sugar, millet sugar

Oils and fats Rice bran oil, rapeseed oil, organic shorting
Coconut oil

Other organic soymilk

Aluminum free baking powder

Ena's pesticide-free vegetables

2. Body-friendly snack

Use as little white sugar and food additives as possible.

Even if small children and pregnant women eat it every day, it will not be a burden on the body,

I am making snacks that are kind to the body.

It's as delicious as it is without using wheat, eggs and dairy products! Rather, the taste of the ingredients is alive!
Such sweets are more nutritious,
It suits the constitution of us Japanese.

3. A shop where you can find the perfect sweets for you

We are thinking of a product lineup that will allow people with allergies and those who are not good at ingredients to come across sweets that are perfect for them.

4. Take care of your child's perspective

We are particular about the taste that children like, the size that fits in the small palm, and the shape that is easy to grip.

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